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AIRINV::InventoryParserHelper::InventoryParser Struct Reference

#include <airinv/command/InventoryParserHelper.hpp>

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struct  definition

Public Member Functions

 InventoryParser (stdair::BomRoot &, FlightDateStruct &, unsigned int &)

Public Attributes

stdair::BomRoot & _bomRoot
unsigned int & _nbOfFlights

Detailed Description

FlightDepDate; 2010-02-08; SIN; BKK; L; 10.0; 1.0;

Grammar: FlightDate ::= FlightDepDate ';' Origin ';' Destination EndOfFlightDate FlightDepDate ::= date EndOfFlightDate ::= ';' Grammar for the inventory parser.

Definition at line 470 of file InventoryParserHelper.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AIRINV::InventoryParserHelper::InventoryParser::InventoryParser ( stdair::BomRoot &  ioBomRoot,
FlightDateStruct ioFlightDate,
unsigned int &  ioNbOfFlights 

Definition at line 894 of file InventoryParserHelper.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

stdair::BomRoot& AIRINV::InventoryParserHelper::InventoryParser::_bomRoot

Definition at line 498 of file InventoryParserHelper.hpp.

FlightDateStruct& AIRINV::InventoryParserHelper::InventoryParser::_flightDate

Definition at line 499 of file InventoryParserHelper.hpp.

unsigned int& AIRINV::InventoryParserHelper::InventoryParser::_nbOfFlights

Definition at line 500 of file InventoryParserHelper.hpp.

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