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AIRINV::SegmentDateHelper Class Reference

#include <airinv/bom/SegmentDateHelper.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void fillFromRouting (stdair::SegmentDate &)
static void updateElapsedTimeFromRouting (stdair::SegmentDate &)
static void updateDistanceFromElapsedTime (stdair::SegmentDate &)

Detailed Description

Class representing the actual business functions for an airline segment-date.

Definition at line 16 of file SegmentDateHelper.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void AIRINV::SegmentDateHelper::fillFromRouting ( stdair::SegmentDate &  ioSegmentDate)

Fill the attributes derived from the routing legs (e.g., board and off dates).

Definition at line 18 of file SegmentDateHelper.cpp.

References AIRINV::SegmentCabinHelper::initialiseAU(), and updateElapsedTimeFromRouting().

void AIRINV::SegmentDateHelper::updateElapsedTimeFromRouting ( stdair::SegmentDate &  ioSegmentDate)

Calculate and set the elapsed time according to the leg routing.
Actually, the elapsed time of the segment is the sum of the elapsed times of the routing legs, plus the stop-over times. The stop-over time is the difference between the board time of a routing leg, and the off time of the previous leg. That is, it is the time spent at the corresponding airport.
Of course, in case of mono-leg segments, there is no stop-over, and the elapsed time of the segment is equal to the elapsed time of the single routing leg.

Definition at line 72 of file SegmentDateHelper.cpp.

References updateDistanceFromElapsedTime().

Referenced by fillFromRouting().

void AIRINV::SegmentDateHelper::updateDistanceFromElapsedTime ( stdair::SegmentDate &  ioSegmentDate)

Method computing the distance of the segment (in kilometers).

Definition at line 115 of file SegmentDateHelper.cpp.

Referenced by updateElapsedTimeFromRouting().

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